Galit Shokrian

Galit Shokrian

Galit Shokrian is a Principal Consultant at McDermott & Bull. Her practice areas include Real Estate and Retail, industries she has been deeply involved with... Read More

Darren Buck

Darren Buck is a Principal Consultant and member of the firm’s Healthcare Practice.  His practice expertise includes Healthcare Services, Healthcare Technology, and Private Equity and... Read More

Jake Vander Zanden

Jake Vander Zanden is a Principal Consultant and member of McDermott & Bull’s Life Sciences Practice. His practice expertise includes Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, and... Read More

Theron Makley

Theron Makley is a Principal Consultant and leader of the firm’s Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Practice Group.  He also heads the Denver office, which... Read More

Stu Leibach

Stu Leibach is a Principal Consultant and leader of McDermott & Bull’s Retail Practice located in Playa Vista, CA.  His practice expertise includes Specialty Retail,... Read More

Enrique Washington

Enrique Washington’s most meaningful work over the past 20 years has involved helping individuals and organizations reach their full potential. This work includes the creation and... Read More

Jared Moriarty

Jared Moriarty serves as a Principal Consultant for McDermott & Bull, based in the firm’s Southern California headquarters. Jared has worked with leading companies in... Read More

Craig Sabina

Craig Sabina is a Principal Consultant with McDermott & Bull, based in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to co-chairing the firm’s Aviation & Aerospace Practice... Read More

Michelle Davis

Michelle Davis is an Associate Consultant for McDermott & Bull Executive Search, based in Irvine, California. She partners with Brandon Biegenzahn, co-chair of the firm’s... Read More