Why McDermott & Bull?


We specialize in difficult search assignments for critical leadership roles, finding candidates that other firms miss, from senior leaders to up-and-coming middle managers.


We have developed a network with the extended reach to ensure that the standards you set for key executives are met by all the candidates we provide for you.


We structure our fees so they are tied to how we perform for you. Our fees make sense for your business, your budget, and your recruiting objectives.


We represent you, not the candidate. Many Human Resources managers bemoan being sold on the candidates placed before them. In contrast, we let the experiences, proven track records, and cultural compatibility of our candidates speak for themselves.


We understand the urgency of your search for qualified candidates. We respond quickly yet thoroughly to find the best selection of candidates in your industry, so you can fill crucial leadership roles to keep your company moving forward.


We take the time to understand your organization, from the core values and culture to the quarterly performance objectives. We meet with peers, superiors and subordinates to fully understand all the dynamics of your organization.


We provide more than just candidates. In instances where you are looking for information about the talent in your market, including current compensation and experience levels, McDermott & Bull provides you with a wealth of market intelligence.


We work to enhance your company image. Having McDermott & Bull represent your organization is good public relations and an effective calling card. It tells the business community and prospective candidates that your company takes recruiting seriously.


Serving Our Clients' Needs