Our Search Process: Step by Step

Search Process

Thorough Research

The Principal Consultant will visit our client’s office(s) to conduct an in-depth assessment, thus gaining a thorough understanding of the organization and its culture. All members of the management team are encouraged to participate. These meetings will produce mutually agreed upon strategies and tactics, thus providing the platform for the next step in quality and timely search fulfillment. Based on the information gathered from these meetings, McDermott & Bull will create a detailed description of the position. After our client’s approval of the position specification, a candidate profile is created. Our Research & Recruiting team will use this profile as a basis for assessing potential candidates.

The position specification includes:

  • company profile
  • the opportunity
  • scope and responsibilities
  • six (6) and twelve (12) month Mission Critical Objectives
  • required experience and knowledge of candidates
  • personal attributes of candidates

Recruit Qualified Individuals

Under the direction of the Principal Consultant, McDermott & Bull’s internal Research & Recruiting team systematically identifies every possible qualified individual. This is done by building a list of target companies, utilizing direct sourcing, in-house proprietary databases, network referrals, leveraged association contacts, and collective industry experience. This initial phase of sourcing will generate a concentrated list of candidates without regard to their interest in a career change. The Principal Consultants and Research & Recruiting team collectively develop a strategy to recruit these individuals. We do not advertise or use Internet job search engines. Our sourcing methodology generates candidates solely on qualifications, not employment status.

In addition, the Principal Consultant will interview and qualify candidates prior to formally submitting them to our clients. A written summary is generated on all candidates detailing the basis for submission. McDermott & Bull Principal Consultants are very selective about our candidate submissions.

The candidate profile includes:

  • required skills, education, tenure
  • targeted characteristics (personality, drive, etc.) to combine well with the client’s team and culture
  • key performance indicators

Secure the Best Talent

As the client interviews candidates, we are continually collecting feedback. This information is used to recalibrate, potentially resulting in the introduction of additional candidates.

The Principal Consultant will participate in and/or lead conversations from the candidate’s reference list. Once the proper individual has been identified, the Principal Consultants offer guidance and resources to ensure the negotiation process results in a successful acceptance by the candidate. While many executive search firms would consider the deal completed at this point, McDermott & Bull provides ongoing support and contact to ensure a smooth transition and successful first year for the client and the executive placed.